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Frequently Asked Questions

When and how can I sign up for classes?

You can reserve a spot in advance via phone 646-729-6904 or e-mail @ or log onto our Website: The sooner you sign up, the better off you are. Most classes fill up quickly. Walk-ins are welcome to take a class if there is space available.


I've never taken a pole fitness class before, what type of fitness level is required?

No experience is necessary. Regardless of your size, age or fitness level we have a class suitable for you. All classes are designed to cater to every fitness level.


Are all Pole Dance classes the same?

No. The classes range from Beginner to Advanced.  Everyone has an opportunity to work at a level they are comfortable with before graduating to the next.  Each pole category will allow you to develop the necessary skills and strength needed to master moves on that level.


What do I wear to class?

The most important thing is that you feel SEXY and comfortable! For the pole dancing classes we recommend that you wear fitted clothes, preferably shorts. NO lotions, oil, big earrings or hand jewelry. For all other classes athletic wear is fine.


Is there an opportunity to perform the new moves I learn?

Yes. We will have private pole night parties for you to come down and “pole play” and we will also host a private, invitation only event where your dance group can perform your new sexy moves in front of friends and family. Showcase dates and times will be announced and rehearsed for in advance. Confidence is paramount at Alter Ego!  


I’m looking for a fun way to exercise; can I get a real work out from the classes? Absolutely! All classes are a total body workout.  Pole Dancing requires you to lift your own body weight; seasoned work out fanatics will be amazed at how much of a work out is had by pole dancing.  The next day will tell it all! Stretching burns calories tones your body and ab exercises firm and tone your stomach along with strengthening your core to perform pole tricks. In addition to having a lot of fun, you can burn 250 to 400 calories per session. Pole dancing is a great cardio workout for women and it also helps:


• Strengthen your upper body and your core   

• Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem   

• Increase your heart rate



What if I don’t think I have the confidence to pole dance in front of others?

We are often a little hesitant or shy to move our bodies and feel sexy in front of others, but it doesn’t last long! After the first class or two your inhibitions will let go and your inner sensuality will surely find its way to the surface.  Our studio provides all women with a safe, fun and supportive environment to explore their sexy side. Men are only allowed in the main reception area, and not permitted to enter the class unless they are part of a party or taking a specialized class.  If you are still a little inhibited after classes we offer private lessons with one-on-one instruction.



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