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Class Descriptions & Schedule

Pole Virgins  – This is an ongoing class designed to help you familiarize yourself with the pole and your fluidity while we introduce you to our unique style to the foundations of pole dancing. We will go over basic strolls, simple spins, body rolls etc. to prepare you for our Beginner Pole Class.


Intro Heels Class! - This class will cover low floor and floorwork that will leave you feeimf sexier than ever. Channel your Alter Ego and let yourself go! Grab some heels (maybe some knee pads too) and learn how to slink and slide all over the pole & floor. All levels welcome. 

Beginner Pole (Level 1) - Intro to the art of pole dancing, this challenging and sexy class emphasizes the basic foundation of pole dancing combining intense upper body and core strength focusing on confidence, freestyle and sass! Students will also be taught basic pole moves including strutting, gyrating, spins. This class will turn even the shyest performers into toned sultry pole divas. Super fun.

Spinning Pole (All Levels) – Pole Dancing with a Spin Pole is even more beautiful because it allows your movements to be seen from all angles, it adds a special twist to the artistry of pole dancing. This class is for students that want to take on a new pole challenge.

Climb, Spin & Combos! - This class will cover all pole climb variations, different spins, grips and pole dance combinations to tie it all together. All levels are encouraged to attend. 


Intermediate /Adv Pole - The next level of pole dance, this class teaches a mix of harder beginner combo moves and sequences. You’ll learn intermediate tricks such as inverting, leg hangs, climbs and pole poses. This class is recommended for those who are comfortably inverting and have taken classes for over a year. 


Intro to Pole – If you’ve NEVER taken a pole class before, then this 1st class is for you! This class gets you familar with all of the basic transitional moves, dance moves and spins in pole dance.

It is a perfect way to test out the pole in a very nurturing and supportive environment! No judgements here! (We suggest you to take this class at least once.)


Sexy Stretch & Abs – This class is designed to increase your flexibility and build your core strength using sexy floor & pole stretches combined with an ab workout. Flexibility benefits include: Helps with Pole Moves, loosens tight muscles & stiff joints, Reduces pain, Improve & enhances sex, makes you feel and look younger and burns calories. Become sexy and limber in and out the bed room!


Open Pole – This is not a class. It is a time for students and their friends to come practice their pole skills. Play around and tweak your skills even more!



                               To Register for a class go to the following link below and sign up! 

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